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A producer led company creating adventurous art by connecting old worlds with new worlds

Our Team


Farooq Chaudhry

Director / Producer


Farooq Chaudhry, a renowned dance producer, has played a significant role in shaping the British dance scene. Born in Pakistan and raised in London, Chaudhry embarked on his dance career in the 1980s and later pursued an MA in Arts Management from City University. 

In 2000, Chaudhry joined forces with artist Akram Khan to establish the internationally acclaimed Akram Khan Company. Through his visionary leadership style, Chaudhry prioritized creativity and developed innovative business models to support Khan's artistic aspirations. 

Chaudhry's deep passion for the arts, strong business acumen, and genuine desire to connect with communities worldwide led him to serve as a creative producer for various international artists and organizations. Notable collaborations include the English National Ballet and iconic Chinese choreographer Yang Liping, where Chaudhry significantly enhanced their global status and reputation. 


As a producer, Chaudhry has made a lasting impact on the global artistic community. Moreover, he has also contributed as an educator, sharing his expertise through consulting, mentoring, and lecturing at esteemed institutions such as London Studio Centre, Goldsmiths University, and the London Business School. 

After two decades of challenging conventions, Chaudhry has earned recognition as a global cultural leader. His remarkable contributions were honored with an honorary doctorate from De Montfort University and Goldsmiths University. Additionally, he served as a Tate Trustee from 2019 to 2023 and received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his outstanding work in promoting diverse talent in the dance industry. 


In 2021, Farooq Chaudhry founded Feng Ling Productions, a company fueled by a profound curiosity for Chinese and East Asian artists, narratives and aesthetics. The goal is to produce significant international collaborations in dance, music, and theatre. The company's vision is to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary worlds, presenting works that exude integrity, grace, and inventiveness. 

Geni Lou



Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Geni's passion for dance led her to pursue a career in the UK, after completing a Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University (CAN) and studying dance at Asa Folkhogskola (SWE).

Over the years, Geni has toured Europe as a performer, teacher and judge of dance competitions. As a choreographer, she presented her own work at The Place (UK), The V&A (UK), The Yard (UK), The MAI (CAN), and Sadler’s Wells (UK).

Building on her artistic experience and business education, Geni always felt compelled to understand how she could drive projects forward by leveraging resources, supporting artists and bringing artistic dreams to life. Naturally, she started developing herself as a creative producer, working with award-winning Bboyizm Dance Company and Bust A Move Festival, Canada’s first street dance festival.

Once established in the UK, Geni’s ambition and desire to gain a better understanding of the European artistic landscape led her to become a trainee producer at The Place. In addition to producing for various artists such Chris Reyes Clara Bajado and Dickson Mbi, Geni has designed educational street dance programme for Swindon Dance and sits on the board of B.Supreme, an organisation dedicated to supporting women within the street dance industry.

Through her work, Geni aspires to produce beautiful and meaningful works that showcase the voices and stories of outstanding artists, whose perspectives is informed by the meeting of different worlds. Her passion for creating an artistic landscape that is representative of our diverse society is truly inspiring, and her impact on the industry will undoubtedly continue to grow.

Emma Pu

Executive Producer


As a member of the new generation of Chinese producers, Pu Yurong has been committed to exploringinternational artistic cooperation, encouraging her peers to explore their talent and showcase Chineseartists on international stages. She moved to the UK atthe age of 15 and graduated from KCL with a MScof Management and Finance. After spending 7 years studying in the UK her interest in culturalintegration grew and gave rise to various initiatives: After returning to China, she founded theCambridge YouthSummer Camp, which is a cultural exchange opportunity that has been running for sixyears and brings advanced Western education concepts to young talents in the East.Building on this, she now brings her knowledge and experience to the field of the arts and has theopportunity to collaborate with artists in both countries.


In 2020 she founded Dandan Culture with theaspiration to become a bridge between China and the rest of the world, to encourage collaboration andto establish a network of artists, presenters and collaborators in order to elevate the profile of Chineseartists internationally and to bring new international artists and creatives to China. With a unique set ofskills and network, Pu Yurong and Dandan Culture are aiming to be part of a new wave of culturalleaders in the China and Internationally

Maggie Zhou

Strategy and Cultural Advisor


Maggie Zhou is a senior media professional with over 20 years of industry experience. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Maniverse (Shanghai) Culture and Art Co., Ltd.

Throughout her career, Maggie has worked in various areas of the media industry, including copyright, production, advertising, derivative business, and talent management. She has also gained expertise in international format/IP sourcing, cooperation, and the distribution of domestic cultural and entertainment content overseas. Maggie has diversified her investment and development ventures to include video content, lifestyle, and children's education.

Maggie Zhou has held key positions at renowned organizations such as CAA China, CMC Inc., Wings Media and Yicai Media Group, the latter two belong to Shanghai Media Group.

Maggie has expertise in various areas, including business development, television, and entrepreneurship.

While working at WingsMedia, she actively participated in major international TV events such as MIPTV, MIPCOM, NAPTE, and ATF. She also reported on-site for Dragon TV at the Grammy's in 2006. In addition, she played a leading role in securing exclusive agent rights for Sesame Street in China. One of her team's notable achievements was the development and operation of "Big Bird Watching the World," a highly acclaimed production that delighted audiences for 180 consecutive days during the "World Expo Children's Drama" in 2010.

Furthermore, Maggie played a vital role in obtaining approval and promoting the international expansion of the Yicai TV channel. Through her efforts, the channel became the only official Chinese professional financial channel launched in Singapore at the time, with official approval from the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television.

Maggie Zhou's exceptional achievements highlight her passion, vision, and dedication to excellence in the media and entertainment industry. Her extensive experience and innovative mindset continue to shape the industry in China and beyond.

Secciya Li

Visual Identity Producer

Image by Blake Cheek

Secciya Li's expertise in visual communications and graphic design plays a crucial role in her mission to promote sustainable development and social responsibility through the arts. Her creative approach to design allows her to develop innovative solutions that effectively communicate complex messages related to urgent environmental and social challenges.

One of her notable accomplishments is her proficiency in city image design and rebranding. She has worked closely with several cities in Asia, collaborating with local governments and stakeholders to revitalize their visual identities. By incorporating sustainable design principles, she has helped transform these cities into more environmentally conscious and socially inclusive urban spaces.


Secciya's global leadership skills shine through her ability to lead diverse teams in developing sustainable solutions across different industries. Her experience in working with international collaborators and understanding various cultural contexts enables her to create designs that resonate with a wide range of audiences. Her projects often involve cross-sector collaborations, bringing together artists, policymakers, and industry leaders to develop holistic approaches to address societal and environmental issues.


Beyond her professional achievements, Secciya is deeply committed to nurturing emerging artists and promoting arts education as a catalyst for positive change. Through her organization, London Young Artist, she creates opportunities for young and talented individuals to showcase their work and amplify their voices. She believes that by empowering artists, they can become powerful agents of transformation, using their creativity to raise awareness, inspire action, and drive sustainable development.

She uses her expertise in design and passion for sustainable development to position herself as a trailblazer in the field of social entrepreneurship. Through her work, she continues to inspire others to embrace the arts as a means to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

Orphée Kashala

Trainee Producer 

new headshot.jpg

Orphée Kashala is a UK-based curator and cultural producer with a deep connection to Pan-African and Diasporic art. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he is currently living in London where his passion for arts and culture continues to thrive. Kashala has an academic background in Human Resources Management from Coventry University and Arts Management from Goldsmiths University. 
His journey in the arts started off as a trainee producer at Maokwo in Coventry, where he delivered the young leadership program in a collaborative project with national art collections. In 2021, he was chosen to participate in the Emergence(y) project in Birmingham, a residency program jointly organized by Ort Gallery and ICF, aimed at nurturing emerging curators and developing their practices. The culmination of his residency was the creation of a curated exhibition in the summer of 2023 at Block 336, titled "Epiphany (Temporaire)," which garnered enthusiastic acclaim. This exhibition is set for a second iteration at IKON Gallery in the spring of 2024.
Kashala’s practice is a recourse to art and artists as mediums to lead the collective interrogation, interpretation and reckoning with Human complexity. Kashala leans into contradiction and complication to untangle an intrinsically resistant, liberated, and decolonised counter-visuality. Notable collaborations in his portfolio include the Belgrade Theatre, British Film Institute, IKON Gallery, Feng Ling Productions, The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry City of Culture 2021, The International Curators Forum, Block 336, MOCA London and Kimatica Studios.

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