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Building on her artistic experience and business education, Geni always felt compelled to understand how she could drive projects forward by leveraging resources, supporting artists and bringing artistic dreams to life. Naturally, she started developing herself as a creative producer, working with award-winning Bboyizm Dance Company and Bust A Move Festival, Canada’s first street dance festival.


Nine Songs is a set of poems from the ancient anthology known as The Verses of Chu. They reflect on a time in Chinese history (~ 500-200 BC) where society moved from the age of mythology to the age of reason, fragmenting the delicate relationship between mankind and the natural forces of the world.

This storytelling music performance, adapted and inspired from Rui Fu’s translation, takes the poems as a point of departure to tell the story of the protagonist’s loss of innocence: A pure being experiences an inevitable spiritual fracture, fragmenting her own relationships with herself and her environment. We embark on her journey as she attempts to retrieve an elusive sense of peace and eventually surrender to the realization that the innocence lost cannot be regained.

Nine Songs is an international collaboration created over one year and devised through a global sonic language which includes the Chinese Dulcimer, Chinese Guqin, Japanese Taiko Drums, Shakuhatchi, lever & bray harps, violin, double bass and guided by the voice of lead artist Rui Fu. 


The creation of Nine Songs marks the launch of Feng Ling Productions.

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British Theatre Guide

“A beautiful and unusual music theatre performed by singer Rui Fu and an unusual and scintillating ensemble of musicians”

Narrative Concept/Scenario/Text: Rui Fu

Artistic Direction: Farooq Chaudhry

Music Direction: Jocelyn Pook

Creative Production: Geni Lou 

Visual Design: Margaux Lalanne & Marie Cantenys

Lighting Design: Fabiana Piccioli

Sound Design: Fred Defaye

Dramaturgy: Blue Pieta

Movement Direction: Farooq Chaudhry, Geni Lou & Rui Fu

Chief Commissioner: Royal Commission for AlUla 

Co-Producer: Dance City Newcastle 

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The creation of Nine Songs was supported by The British Council, International Collaboration Grant 


Tour Dates

Past tour dates

26-27 November 2022 – Wadi Al Fann, Outdoor Performance, Alula, Saudi Arabia

Fengling Productions and Farooq Chaudhry have ceased all creative collaboration and commercial relations with lead artist Rui Fu with immediate effect and is currently exploring future touring options for our production Nine Songs.

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