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Beautiful things happen when different worlds meet

dance, music and theatre

Founded in 2021 by Farooq Chaudhry, Fengling Productions was inspired by a deep fascination with East Asian culture, particularly Chinese culture, artists, stories, and perspectives. This interest spurred a vision to produce meaningful international collaborations across dance, music, and theatre that defy conventional boundaries and artfully bridge ancient wisdom with the modern age.

Fengling Production is not just creating art; we are crafting dialogues, igniting curiosity, and challenging perceptions of beauty, innovation, diversity, and universalism.

ninesongs-4©VonFox Promotions.jpg

With a strategic approach to initiating bold international projects and partnerships, and by engaging with pioneering and audacious creators , Fengling Productions is dedicated to presenting "unusual"explorations. These explorations not only introduce but also embed inspirational and thought-provoking new East Asian perspectives into the global artistic narrative. 

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At the heart of Fengling Productions' ethos is the belief that "beautiful things happen when different worlds meet." This guiding principle fuels our ambition to enrich the contemporary world with a mosaic of interconnected artistic expressions that transcend borders and speak to all people.

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