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A producer led company creating adventurous art by connecting old worlds with new worlds

Our Team


Geni Lou

Creative Producer


Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Geni's passion for dance led her to pursue a career in the UK, after completing a Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University (CAN) and studying dance at Asa Folkhogskola (SWE).

Over the years, Geni has toured Europe as a performer, teacher and judge of dance competitions. As a choreographer, she presented her own work at The Place (UK), The V&A (UK), The Yard (UK), The MAI (CAN), and Sadler’s Wells (UK).

Building on her artistic experience and business education, Geni always felt compelled to understand how she could drive projects forward by leveraging resources, supporting artists and bringing artistic dreams to life. Naturally, she started developing herself as a creative producer, working with award-winning Bboyizm Dance Company and Bust A Move Festival, Canada’s first street dance festival.

Once established in the UK, Geni’s ambition and desire to gain a better understanding of the European artistic landscape led her to become a trainee producer at The Place. In addition to producing for various artists such Chris Reyes Clara Bajado and Dickson Mbi, Geni has designed educational street dance programme for Swindon Dance and sits on the board of B.Supreme, an organisation dedicated to supporting women within the street dance industry.

Through her work, Geni aspires to produce beautiful and meaningful works that showcase the voices and stories of outstanding artists, whose perspectives is informed by the meeting of different worlds. Her passion for creating an artistic landscape that is representative of our diverse society is truly inspiring, and her impact on the industry will undoubtedly continue to grow.

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